Apple sells 1 million iPhones - Other iPhone thoughts from Shrop

iphone_3g.jpgWow one million phones! Read about it via the link below:

[From Apple sells 1 million iPhones, 10m app downloads | 9 to 5 Mac]

Other thoughts about my 3G iPhone adventures since Friday:

  • Got in line around 6:40 am Friday for the 3G iPhone purchase. Walked out the door with a working 3G iPhone around 10:30am and a non activated 1st gen iPhone for my Wife. Wasn't able to activate her phone at home till around 4pm due to the iTunes activation issues. I then restored her iPhone to the official 2.0 firmware without restoring data so she had a fresh phone to start. She loves it BTW!
  • Battery drain is an issue with the new firmware. 3G isn't as bad as I expected. Turns out push email is what drains the battery the most. I turned off push email for work Exchange and setup to check once every 15 minutes. I am getting much better results with my battery.
  • The App Store is pretty cool. Nice that you can download apps via iTunes or an iPhone. Purchased a few games and OmniFocus to start. There are a few good free apps like Evernote and Bible. It is really about the software now. Apple has created a platform and developers can create new ways to use it. Sweet!
  • It is truly about the software on this platform. Aside from the GPS and 3G capabilities, the 1st gen iPhone is still a solid solution. I love the speed of 3G and having accurate GPS, but many do not need these features or have access to 3G in their areas.
  • The GPS is really nice. Turn by turn voice directions are coming soon so the rumors say. I am good with for now. I can at least pull up the map and have it follow me. Allowing me to see where I am at in context of the map is good enough for now.
  • OmniFocus leverages the GPS for location aware GTD (Getting Things Done) contexts. When I am at home, OmniFocus on the iPhone can provide a list of todos that can be completed at home. Great stuff!
  • I think I am getting better reception with the 3G iPhone due in part to the plastic back. Not 100% on that, but I do have stronger signals in locations where I have not with my 1st gen iPhone.
  • I am having a fair amount of application crashes. I have read that Apple is aware and currently working on this issue. It isn't one particular application, but a variety of apps. This makes me think that it is a problem in the OS. Hopefully Apple will get on this issue and release an updated firmware soon.
  • Activesync with Exchange is so powerful! It is simply amazing. I am loving having instant access to updated calendars, contacts and email.

Please comment with your experiences!

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