Creating Focus for Productivity

I want to share some things that I try to do daily to help me focus and remain productive. By themselves, these may seem like trite tips because the are not what's important. What's most important has to do with my immediate and long term goals. Using these suggestions help me create an environment of focus, which helps increase my productivity.

I didn't invent the suggestions below, but have spent years using them in the combination and way that works best for me. I credit Shawn Blanc, David Allen, Merlin Mann, Tim Ferris, and some of my friends for suggesting and recommending these and other ideas for focus creation.

  • Write: journal and/or blog
  • Pray and meditate
  • GTD
  • Inbox Zero
  • Have a way to capture ideas, notes, and tasks anywhere
  • Block out chunks of time on a calendar for the important work that needs to be focused on and completed
  • Take walks
  • Take time to be creative
  • Break away from computer/screen usage for a couple of minutes every 20 minutes
  • Eat healthy and take vitamins
  • Spend quality time with family
  • Read
  • Be present and in the moment
  • Limit social media usage
  • Learn one new thing
  • Lay out clothes for the next day
  • Plan todos and goals for the next day

I continuously analyze the list above and change my approach depending on my perceived value of any of the items and changing seasons of my life. Don't let these suggestions drive you, use them as tools to help you reach your goals.

I will dive into more specifics on how I approach some of the items above in future posts.

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