Drupal 5.x and the blogapi module

Now that I am blogging, I wanted to use Ecto to blog from the convenience of a Mac desktop application. Ecto is a great blog editing tool for the Mac. Check it out!

To edit Drupal remotely, you need to activate the blogapi module. Once activated, you need to go to admin/settings/blogapi and allow the content types that you want to edit remotely. Once I completed these tasks, I continued to receive the error message "You either tried to edit somebody else's blog or you don't have permission to edit your own blog." I struggled with the error for a while today checking file permissions, firewall settings, Ecto configuration methods, etc. I found out that Druapl 5.x requires the blog module to be activated to use the blogapi module. This makes sense if you need to use the blog module to allow each user to have a blog, but I do not use it since I am the only blogged on the site. I have created a blog content type with the built in content types capabilities of 5.x.

As it turns out, this issue has been corrected in Drupal 6.x. I back ported the changes in blogapi.module to Drupal 5.x. I have tested and it seems to work great. Once you apply the patch, make sure to go to admin/user/access and check the box for "administer content with blog api."

Check out the patch and details at the URL below: http://drupal.org/node/214390#comment-856709

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