Drupal Camp Asheville 2017 Birds of a Feather Discussions/Un-Conference

Drupal Camp Asheville logo I was excited to take part in the Birds of a Feather Discussions/Un-Conference at Drupal Camp Asheville this year. Ever since being a part of the Charlotte Drupal Drive-in, I have had a big heart for any opportunities to allow more voices to get involved in the conversation. This unconference did not disappoint!

The event ran from 1PM-5PM following lunch, which was provided by the Drupal Camp via generous sponsors. The event began by everyone listing topics they wanted to cover. The group voted on what they most wanted to cover in the afternoon by show of hands. This informal voting guided the order of topics. We tried to limit topics to 15-30 minutes, but due to interest in each topic, they ran for an hour or more each!


  • Accessibility
  • DevOps/Code Reviews
  • Security

If you have the opportunity, I would encourage anyone to give a BoF or unconference a chance. These events are such a contrast from the usual conference session grind.

I have attached images of the whiteboards that were updated during each session below.

Accessibility whiteboard


DevOps whiteboard


Security whiteboard


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