How to Choose a Web Hosting Company

[flickr-photo:id=2255637384,size=m,class=floatright]I am often asked how to choose a web hosting company. It isn't easy because there are so many hosting companies out there who all have slick marketing web sites. They all seem to look the same!

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. You get what you pay for! - This is so true for web hosting. Don't expect to have super reliability and fast servers for $3.99/month.
  2. Support quality is the main difference between many hosts. All web hosting companies will have issues from time to time. During service outages, it is important that support staff respond promptly to your requests and communicate other issues proactively.

Other resources:

  1. - Detailed article on the subject of find a web host.
  2. - Excellent forum where hosting companies and hosting users exchange suggestions and recommendations.

Who does Shrop use to host his sites?

  • Dreamhost - Used for development, Subversion repository, webdav, sharing files. No production web sites. Dreamhost is cheap and their support is good. I find their servers a little slow, but in fairness they provide shared and much oversold hosting. See tip#1: You get what you pay for.
  • Sprintserve - Have some smaller basic html static sites. Sprintserv actually bought the shared hosting server I am on from another web host. They have provided excellent support and reliability for me sites for the past couple of years. They are a small company from what I can tell, but have good technical and customer support.
  • PowerVPS - I love these guys. I host many Drupal production sites on a VPS (virtual private server) at PowerVPS. I also host sites for at PowerVPS. I can't say enough about how good these guys are at customer support. I recently received an email from them that one of my VPS servers was experiencing problems. By the time I received the email, the issue had been resolved. I have had many hosts over the years and PowerVPS is the only host who proactively detects issues and then emails customers. Wow!

I also have a number of online friends who user Media Temple for hosting. Many seem to like their services.

Hope this helps. Feel free to comment below on other suggestions and recommendations for web hosting.

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