Mac OSX Subversion Client: Cornerstone


Cornerstone is a Mac OS X SVN client. I can tell you that this app is awesome!

The interface takes a number of UI cues from iTunes by using one window. The one window interface is much more efficient on a laptop. You do have the option in preferences to switch to a multi window mode.

Some of the features I really dig:

  • Can create a new repo from the interface.
  • Can drag existing working copies into a list in Cornerstone.
  • The status of every file and folder is easily visible from the file browser.
  • The file browser works very similarly to Finder. yeah!!!
  • I can drag folders in to import files into a repo. I can drag files out to export.
  • The inspector allows immediate access and the ability to edit SVN properties.
  • Quick filters allowing easy viewing of what has changed today, this week, etc.

I feel like I learn something new about this app everyday. I can't wait to see what Zennaware does next to enhance this Mac gem!

Cornerstone can be found at

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