My Thoughts on the iPad

I think the iPad is a luxury. May be a luxary that I desire, but I am more interested in upgrading our iPhones this year before purchasing one. Since I can only afford so much at one time, I may be able to hold out for v2.

If I were to purchase an iPad, I would probably go with wifi only. I have an iPhone and most places I would use this i would have wifi.

Possible use cases for me:

  1. With keyboard, good note taking device for meetings, conferences, etc. Think netbook type device. I do all of my notes electronic and with Evernote so I think it fits well for this use.
  2. Family/Home mobile device. We have an iMac, but instead of a laptop/netbook, this device would give us a lot of capabilities for home use. The $499 model would work for me and is a good price.
  3. ebook reader. If the books come, this thing blows a way the Kindle for magazines and newspapers. Book reading might be best on a Kindle, but for just $10 more for the iPad, I would go with it over the Kindle. My wife has been wanting a Kindle so this would make sense.
  4. Unknown - As apps are developed and publishing agreements signed, this device will start to make more sense I think.

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