Processing Email Tips

Everyone has there own methods for processing email. I prefer to start with Inbox Zero. You can learn all about Inbox Zero at

In addition to Inbox Zero, I have adopted a few techniques that work for both personal and work email.

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  • Try to keep all of your current email on a server and use web or IMAP clients to access it as necessary. It is important that I can search my email from my Mac, a friends computer, my iPhone, etc. I use Google Apps for personal email which allows me to keep all of my email online at all times. Due to the small Exhange server quota I have at work, I archive old email to personal folder (.pst) files annually.
  • Create a folder named "Temp" and use it to store emails that you want to keep for a bit, but have no need to keep forever. I use this folder for coupons that expire, event related information, etc.
  • Create a system to store project email that works for you. I split my projects in three categories; Active, Hold and Completed. I then create project folders in email using the same name I use for the projects in OmniFocus. I actually use the same category and naming convention for project for the project files on my MacBook Pro. This makes it easy for me to find project related items in email, local file system and OmniFocus since each uses the same project names.

Comment below with your own tips!

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