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I am amazed at the level of quality email newsletters that have hit the tech world in recent years. While, I spend a great deal of time filtering and pruning the emails I choose to receive, I have a few weekly tech newsletters, which I find valuable.

I thought it would be great to share the newsletters I have found interesting. Feel free to leave links to your favorite tech newsletters in the comments section.

Devops Weekly

A weekly slice of devops news

Front-end Rapport by Lullabot

Keeping up with front-end is hard, and Lullabot is here to help. Each issue of the Front-end Rapport contains a carefully curated selection of recent articles, tools, and important updates from the community

Hacker Newsletter

A weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All links are curated by hand from the popular Hacker News site.

HTML5 Weekly

A once–weekly HTML5 and Web Platform technology roundup. CSS 3, Canvas, WebSockets, WebGL, Native Client, and more.

Tools & Toys Official Newsletter of Awesomeness

Once a week we send out an email with the highlights from the site.

We’ll also let you know when we post anything significant (such as gear guides, reviews, photo essays, interviews, and the like).

Oh. We also like to give stuff away to our newsletter subscribers.

The Weekly Drop

The best Drupal news and links delivered to your inbox every week

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