Twittelator Pro

Twittelator Pro App IconEver since the iPhone 2.0 firmware was released, I have been searching for a native Twitter app that will give me most, if not all, of the features included with the great web based Twitter app, Hahlo ( The main advantages of a native app is that you don't have to fire up Mobile Safari and your account information can be saved in settings.

Well, I have found the native iPhone Twitter app that I have wanted for so long. It is Twittelator Pro. You can get all the details on this great little app at You can check out the app in the iTunes App Store at

While there are other Twitter apps for the iPhone, I find that none are as feature rich as Twittelator Pro. The features that I dig the most include:

  • Reading past replies.
  • Integrated
  • ViewNearby tweets (using iPhone's GPS).
  • Mark favorite tweets (I use this to bookmark tweets for followup at a later time).
  • Bookmarks for saving favorite twitter profiles.
  • Easily view top keywords used on Twitter.
  • Good themes (I like Raven the best).
  • View TwitPic image thumbnails right in your recent tweet lists.
  • Copy/Paste tweets.
  • more...

You get the idea. Twittelator Pro is awesome for the Twitter user who wants many features at his/her disposal. The application is $4.99. I can tell you that it is worth every penny.

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