Twitter: What's all the fuss about?

TwitterI am a huge Twitter fan. No big surprise for those who know me pretty well! Why do I like Twitter so much? What is all the fuss about? The best way to answer these questions is to list the reasons I use Twitter.

  • Following friends and acquaintances who I know in my non-virtual life.
  • Following others who are active in the same technologies and interests I am. (ex: Ham Radio, Drupal, Web2.0, Social Networking, Mac, iPhone, etc.)
  • Meeting new people locally who have similar interests. Sorry ladies, I am married, but I am willing to know you as a friend.
  • Learning about new web technologies and sites as they are released. Generally, you hear about things on Twitter before more detailed blog entries are written.
  • Following church pastors and technologists to learn what they are doing to reach people using technology in their churches.
  • Following UNC Charlotte faculty, staff and students to keep up with what's new with them.
  • Sync my Tweets into Facebook Status so I don't have to update statuses everywhere independently.
  • Allows my followers to see notes and photos pertaining to my current location easily.

Being followed: I am grateful for my many Twitter followers. I know they have their own reasons to follow me. Community is what makes Twitter so powerful. Once you have a couple hundred followers as I do, you can post questions to the community and get responses.

Finally, Twitter is something that fits my fast paced and overcommitted lifestyle. I can easily keep up with Twitter and fit it in without impacting other aspects of my life.

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