Use Drush Autocomplete with Zsh

Update: I had the filename as, but the filename should now be Brent noticed this. The info below as been updated as such.

Brent Dunn pointed me to, which I didn't even know existed. Brent and I both wanted to give this a go in Zsh since we use oh-my-zsh, but is setup for bash.

I was able to get drush autocompletes working with Zsh thanks to this stack exchange post

  1. Save to your local file system
  2. Add the following to your ~/.zshrc file
    autoload bashcompinit
    source /path/to/your/
  3. Source the changes: $ source ~/.zshrc

Now you can enjoy drush autocompletions in zsh style! For example, $ drush sql followed by tab will give you a browsable list of all the drush sql related commands.


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