Worldwide Meteor Day Follow-up (Charlotte, NC edition)

Worldwide Meteor Day was great and we had a great time in Charlotte, NC. I copied some notes from the repo so folks can checkout the coolness that happened.

Charlotte meetup link

Show&Tell Talks:


  • 22 singups for the meetup and 18 made the event
  • Scott Deeter presented an introduction to Meteor to help our new Meteor friends
  • Josh Owens lead the Charlotte side of the MDG (Meteor Development Group) Developer Q&A. Emily Stark was our designated MDG developer. She did a great job answering questions for Charlotte and Atlanta meetups.
  • Pizza, beer, and soda was enjoyed by the group. The Meteor tshirts and stickers were a huge win too!

Meetup group photo
Photo credit: Jill Bjers

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