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I am a big fan of subverison. I current use a combination of TextMate, ZigVersion and command line SVN to work with Subversion for my University development at UNC Charlotte.

After a year of waiting, Versionsapp has dropped in the form of a beta at So far Versions is just what I have wanted for so long in a Mac SVN client. After playing with Versions for just 30 minutes or so, I have a few things to say about the app.

Things I digg about Versions:

  • Looks and behaves like you would expect a Mac app to look and behave
  • Saves password in the KeyChain
  • Add a custom URL string so Versions will add links to any comments referencing a ticket number
  • Three main views - Transcripts, Browse and Timeline - for viewing your repo in various ways.
  • Full Blame log!
  • Comparing diffs opens filemerge
  • Did I say the app looks great?

Needs Improvement (beta app so this is constructive criticism):

  • Some of the folders in the file browser do not appear to be folders. Icon bug?
  • Would like to be able to use other apps to view diffs instead of only filemerge. I use This could be a preference added to the Preferences menu item in the future. Resolved via a hack. Check out the comment below
  • Needs a way to drag and drop folders for import. Drag folders out of Versions for export and checkout. Look at the way ZigVersion handles this. Works well.

Please comment and let me know about your experience with Versions and other Mac SVN clients.

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Ok, I have a fix for opening

Ok, I have a fix for opening diffs with thanks to Dirk at Versions support.

This fix redirects the opendiff command to's chdiff command line tool. Hopefully in the near future, you will be able to change diff tools via the Preferences menu.

Follow the steps below at your own risk. I recommend only doing this is you are familiar with command line operations.

      Open terminal
      Enter the following commands... # sign is the prompt (don't type it!)
      # sudo -s
      # cd /usr/bin
      # cp opendiff opendiff.original
      # rm opendiff
      # ln -s /Applications/ opendiff

versionsapp looks nice. >

versionsapp looks nice.

Interesting hack. I wonder if it's possible to adapt it so the diff opens in textmate (using the subversion bundle > "diff with revision...").
I checked the mate executable but doesn't seem provide a way to launch a command from there...

The only way I have found to

The only way I have found to hack the diff is to hook into the built in diff app that OS X provides. That is what most editors hit. Your are right, TextMate would be nice to open as a diff. Just not sure how to do it.

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