Use Drush Autocomplete with Zsh

Update: I had the filename as, but the filename should now be Brent noticed this. The info below as been updated as such.

Brent Dunn pointed me to, which I didn't even know existed. Brent and I both wanted to give this a go in Zsh since we use oh-my-zsh, but is setup for bash.

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"Is Drupal Right for You?" Presentation

I presented "Is Drupal Right for You?" at the Feb 5th, 2014 CharDUG meetup.

Many web development firms, non-profits, and individuals wonder if Drupal is the right platform for their websites and web applications. Drupal has a fantastic community and rich eco-system, but how can one know if Drupal is the right fit?

Mark Shropshire brings his Drupal consulting experience to help you understand the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Drupal world.

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Use "Sprints" to Quickly Work Through Process Workflow Design and Documentation

The open source and agile development worlds embrace the concept of sprints. Sprints, in whatever form they take, have become a vital way to take on smaller bits of work and see that work through completion. This builds momentum by setting and completing goals which the team agrees can be reached in a reasonable timeline.

During past month, I have been a part of two unconventional sprints at Classic.