Use "Sprints" to Quickly Work Through Process Workflow Design and Documentation

The open source and agile development worlds embrace the concept of sprints. Sprints, in whatever form they take, have become a vital way to take on smaller bits of work and see that work through completion. This builds momentum by setting and completing goals which the team agrees can be reached in a reasonable timeline.

During past month, I have been a part of two unconventional sprints at Classic.

Fixed: Problems with Macs and iOS Devices Seeing Network Printers and AirPlay Devices

Apple wifi radio waves I recently purchased a new Apple TimeCapsule. I am a huge fan of Apple routers and how they work great with Apple and other network devices. The new device has been working well, but I did notice that my iPhone and iPad would not see all AirPlay devices at times. The only resolution was to turn Wifi off and back on again. This would be a temporary fix. Others in my family confirmed the same issue. :(

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Configure Drupal's User Password Reset Link Timeout

I just realized that as of Drupal 7.15, you can shorten or increase the timeout (in seconds) for the user password reset link that is emailed to users who request a password reset.

While this isn't configurable in the Drupal UI, you can set it via drush quite easily. The drush operation below will set the timeout to 48 hours instead of the default 24 hours.

$ drush vset user_password_reset_timeout 172800

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