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I have been evaluating PhpStorm lately. I am pretty pleased with its functionality as a Drupal/PHP IDE, but I am not a fan of its app icon (see below). The only replacement icon I found was a mention of one here by bernk. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a hi-res version of his icon. With his icon as inspiration, I fired up Sketch to make my own. You can see my version below. is an amazing tool for testing speed and performance. I came across this tool and had it up and running in minutes because it can be easily installed using homebrew. Install instructions are on the home page of leverages the following tools to do its amazing work:

Disable Drupal's Automatic Cron

Drupal 7 was released with an automatic cron option which is handy for those who do not have shell access or a way to enable a Unix type cron with their web host.

At Classic, we use Jenkins to trigger cron via Drupal's cron URL. Because we have cron scheduled, we have no need for Drupal's built-in automatic cron which defaults to run every 3 hours. Also, we sometimes have to disable the Jenkins cron during deployments to make sure that that cron doesn't execute until all code has been deployed successfully.

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