"Module Development 101 (Drupal)" Presentation

I had a great time teaching new and experienced Drupal developers about Drupal module development at a recent Charlotte Drupal User Group workshop. We worked together through the example Callsign Lookup module. I hope to add a Theming 101 and Site Building 101 to the mix in the future. Also, look for upcoming Drupal 8 versions of this class coming soon.

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"Managing Drupal Presentations Like a Boss" Slide Deck

Thomas Lattimore and Mark Shropshire talk through various methods of managing Drupal configuration data with Features, hook_update_N, and git. They dig into deploying these configurations between dev, testing, staging, and live environments. Finally, they discuss the CMI (Configuration Management Initiative) for Drupal 8 and how these changes will allow you to be the Drupal boss you have always wanted to be!

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A Good Case for Git Interactive Rebasing

One thing that drives me crazy is a messy git log full of unimportant commits. While I subscribe to the commit often philosophy during development, it does lead to commits which have no historical significance to upstream project branches. Who needs a git history full of commit messages like corrected spelling and fixed a php notice. These commits are helpful during active development, but they just clutter up git history if pushed to an upstream repository. It doesn't have to be this way!

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