New Job Title for Shrop

Some great suggestions from my Twitter and FaceBook friends for a new job title:

Captain Shrop of the UNCSU
drupal czar
grand pubah or head honcho
Sr. Afro/Fu Manchu Analyst
Chief Shropster
The Man
Student Union Technology Czar
Student Union Director of Drupal and Afros
Colonel Chaos
Director of Internet Communications and Karma (D.I.C.K.) (gee thanks Dave!)

Thanks for the suggestions. I am submitting to management for immediate approval since I am currently without title!

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WarGames + Geeks + Documentation Sprint = Good Times

Last Friday, the SUAR IT (Student Union, Activities and Recreation IT) Staff got together to watch WarGames. We had a couple off staff who had only seen this classic geek movie once or not at all. A few of us also took the time to write up some documentation for our department during this mini documentation sprint.

Following the movie, @cwind showed us his skills at the game Defcon.

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Rocky River Community Church Marriage Retreat


Lisa and I had a great time in Charleston this past weekend. We really missed Emily Grace though. Rocky River Community Church hosted a marriage retreat. Twenty-Seven couples learned about God's will for marriages and exchanged some ideas on marriage, raising children and family in general. The church staff all did an awesome job of making this happen.

Anyway, check out some pics that we took while walking around historic Charleston.

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