Snow Day 2009

[flickr-photo:id=3322188027,size=t,class=floatright] Emily Grace and I had a great time in the snow Monday (03-02-2008). Well, honestly, I just took photos and dodged snowballs. It was great to have that much snow - yes 4-5" is a lot for us in Concord, NC.

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Past, Gift and Future

Today I took Emily Grace to school so Lisa could attend her first Spanish class at work. We are both "talkers" and as a result talk a lot while driving/riding together. She told me that she really likes "the gift" because of all the cool stuff we have like gadgets, computers, etc. She said that they didn't have all of that in the past and it wasn't as good as we have it now in "the gift."

Yes, I finally realized she was talking about "the present." I was reminded that Emily Grace is my "gift" from God.

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