My Thoughts on the iPad

I think the iPad is a luxury. May be a luxary that I desire, but I am more interested in upgrading our iPhones this year before purchasing one. Since I can only afford so much at one time, I may be able to hold out for v2.

If I were to purchase an iPad, I would probably go with wifi only. I have an iPhone and most places I would use this i would have wifi.

Possible use cases for me:

  1. With keyboard, good note taking device for meetings, conferences, etc. Think netbook type device. I do all of my notes electronic and with Evernote so I think it fits well for this use.

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Setup SVN Tools and Repositories on Cpanel Servers

Once completed, you will have subversion client and server tools installed and Apache configured to serve a SVN repository over a shared SSL cert. If you are not familiar with compiling source on Unix systems, you may want to ask your support to help. I am not resposible for any isues the steps below may cause on your server (You have been warned!)

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New Job Title for Shrop

Some great suggestions from my Twitter and FaceBook friends for a new job title:

Captain Shrop of the UNCSU
drupal czar
grand pubah or head honcho
Sr. Afro/Fu Manchu Analyst
Chief Shropster
The Man
Student Union Technology Czar
Student Union Director of Drupal and Afros
Colonel Chaos
Director of Internet Communications and Karma (D.I.C.K.) (gee thanks Dave!)

Thanks for the suggestions. I am submitting to management for immediate approval since I am currently without title!

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