Update on Emily Grace

Update 01-02-2009 6:37PM EST



  • This will be our last update on this blog post since we are now at home.
  • Emily Grace slept really well last night.
  • We slept as well as we could in the hospital.
  • She ate good and was able to poopy to satisfy the doctors.
  • She has only had to take motrin for pain for the past 24 hours or so.
  • She has a good sized incision. It is scary to look at for Mommy and Daddy on their little girl. The surgeons are happy with the way it looks though.
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    Shrop's Favorite iPhone Apps

    logo.gifOkay, I finally got around to listing the iPhone apps I use a lot on iusethis.com. A few aren't on the site and I didn't have time to add them as new apps.

    Check out my list here: http://iphone.iusethis.com/user/shrop

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