Announcing the 2018 Charlotte Drupal Drive-in!

Charlotte Drupal Drive-inAfter two successful Charlotte Drupal Drive-in events in 2014 and 2015, the Charlotte Drupal User Group (CharDUG) is bringing it back on March 3rd, 2018. The format of the event is unconference style, allowing for a relaxed atmosphere where beginner and seasoned Drupalers alike are able discuss their projects, ideas, and ask questions.

Whether you want to discuss your projects with others, have an impromptu talk you would like to give, or a polished slide-deck presentation, you will be given the chance to pitch your idea(s). Once the pitches are made, every attendee will get to vote on the ones they find most interesting. This setup makes the event informal, the schedule fluid, and the topics dynamic. Most of all we have a lot of fun!

While Drupal is the focus, we will also welcome talks on development tools, JavaScript frameworks, decoupled Drupal, SEO, web marketing, hosting, and more. Bring a talk idea or just come and hangout!

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Drupal SEO Presentation at CharDUG

I had a great time talking general and Drupal SEO at last night's CharDUG meetup! Just wanted to drop my slide deck here for reference. There are a lot of fantastic links in the deck.

Thanks to Mediacurrent for having a great culture for internal training. They invested in a large group of staff to go through the SEO Olympian program. I also want to thank the Mediacurrent Digital Strategy team for putting this training together. This training inspired me to dig more into SEO and put together this presentation and live demo of Drupal SEO modules.

I hope to present this talk again in the future.

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Continuous Goal Task Planning

I don’t put a lot of value in New Year’s resolutions. I think they mostly fail in a short amount of time for a variety of reasons. Also, this TED Talk by Derek Sivers has stuck in my mind as a reason to set goals and not tell others about them. It is easy to get excited about our personal goals and share them. I suggest thinking about why you are sharing your goals and share when you feel like it may help you obtain them.

My life strategy is to treat each day as a gift of a new beginning. Every day I have a chance to make improvements in my health, treat others better, learn something new, and much more. It is so much less pressure to spread out my personal continuous improvement equally throughout the year.

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Being Transparent Even When It Hurts

Rain drops on a leaf A recent project I have worked on has been very challenging. It has a number of moving parts, many team members, and several stakeholders. Even though I did the best I could to put together a solid plan, it wasn’t exactly what everyone involved expected. Luckily this was discovered near the beginning of the project and the work completed to date had to be done regardless of any changes to come, allowing the ability to change focus. While I am happy to have the chance to work through the issues and get the project headed in the right direction, it is still hard to not feel poorly about how I arrived at this point.

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