Beastie Boys at UNC Charlotte

[flickr-photo:id=1379933651,size=m,class=floatleft]The Beastie Boys made a quick appearance for Rock The Vote on Monday, October 27th. Check out the blog article and video by Justin Ruckman at CLTBlog below:

I hate I missed it, but sounds like it wasn't much. They didn't perform. Just an appearance.

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Murphy the Cat

[flickr-photo:id=2954831459,size=m,class=floatright]Well we have a new pet. An inside cat at that (sounds like Dr. Seuss). We named him Murphy. Anyway, I love this cat already. He is really friendly (for a cat) and is easy going. Doesn't run and hide either. He fits our family's personality quite well. Murphy even puts up with our daughter who probably annoys him much of the time. She just gets all over him and cats don't usually dig that.

Oh well, hope everyone out there has a great week. See ya!


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Shrop in the News

I made it in online news circles twice today.

Shrop on a UNC Charlotte staff bowling team: (scroll down to the bowling tournament article.)

Shrop on usage of Citrix at UNC Charlotte: (scroll down to the section titled, "Central Control, Standard Operations."

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