Neil Peart drumstick

Cool story.. I meet a guy and his son at church recently who both know the band Rush personally. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge Rush fan.

Neil Peart sent a set of sticks to these guys and guess what? They were kind of enough to give me one of them. I have attached a couple of photos below. This is a Pro-Mark signature Neal Peart stick that Neal actually played with live during last year's tour in CT.

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Jacob's 1st Birthday Party

We rolled up to Mooresville Saturday to attend my newphew's first birthday party. It was pretty cool. My brother, Jason, and his wife, Christina, did it up right with a cookout, cake and the who works at their house. Anyway, below are some photos and videos from the event.

Lisa wasn't able to make it to the party because she needed to attend a funeral for some co-workers/friends. It wasn't the same without her for sure, but she had to go to support her friends. That is important.

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International Festival 2008 at UNC Charlotte

[flickr-photoset:id=72157607546052825,size=m,class=floatright] We had a great time at UNC Charlotte's International Festival last Saturday (9-27-2008). The weather cooperated beautifully. Most of the rain had ceased by the start of the event at 10am. Over 50 countries were represented this year. It is so awesome to checkout all of the items for sale and on display and to interact with peoples from all over the world in one place. The food is simply amazing too! Lots of good eats at very reasonable prices.

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Twittelator Pro

Twittelator Pro App IconEver since the iPhone 2.0 firmware was released, I have been searching for a native Twitter app that will give me most, if not all, of the features included with the great web based Twitter app, Hahlo ( The main advantages of a native app is that you don't have to fire up Mobile Safari and your account information can be saved in settings.

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