Memorial Day


I hope everyone is enjoying a great Memorial Day weekend. In between all of the hot dogs, burgers, steaks, etc., please make sure to remember the soldiers past and present who protect our freedoms in the US.

To read more about the history of Memorial Day, check out this article:

Rocky River Community Church Service at Frank Liske Park

Rocky River Community Church will be having a worship service at the park tonight (5/21/2008). This is a great family event and a good time to invite your friends and family to church. Food is free! Everything kicks off around 5:30PM at Frank Liske Park in Concord.

I am playing keyboards and sax tonight. Feel free to come down to the stage and say hello. I would love to meet you.

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Processing Email Tips

Everyone has there own methods for processing email. I prefer to start with Inbox Zero. You can learn all about Inbox Zero at

In addition to Inbox Zero, I have adopted a few techniques that work for both personal and work email.

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