Drop Down Menus: Ugghh!

I am just not a fan of drop down menus. I think they should be avoided at all cost. They don't always work in every browser and they can become a usability and accessibility issue. Jeffery Zeldman sums it up nicely: http://bobchristenson.tumblr.com/post/38016909/when-i-see-a-drop-down-menu-i-know-that-a

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How To Set Up an FTP Server in Windows Server 2003


I needed to install just the FTP service on Windows 2003 Server for one simple use case. The article below details how to accomplish this without installing full blown IIS (which I didn't need and do not want to run on this server).

[From How To Set Up an FTP Server in Windows Server 2003]

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WWDC Keynote Thoughts

I was jazzed about the WWDC Keynote before it started yesterday. I was all setup with twitter, ichat, plurk, macrumors, engadget, ustream audio, etc. The live ustream audio feed was very helpful. Thanks to my friends for pointing me to that link. I will catch the full video tonight on my AppleTV so I can get the full experience.

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Rocky River Band Plays at UNC Charlotte

I had a great time yesterday playing drums with the Rocky River Community Church Band at UNC Charlotte. We played the Staff Picnic for the second year in a row. We were not rained out this year, but the 97 degree heat beat us down pretty bad. We still had a great time and received a warm response from many of the picnic goers. Thanks to my band mates for volunteering to help out by playing at the event.

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