Daisy Troop Bridges to Brownie Scouts

[flickr-photo:id=2542970768,size=m,class=floatright]I am so proud of my daughter. She completed her first year of Girl Scouts as a Daisy. Friday night, her entire troop "Bridged." She is now a Brownie Girl Scout. She really like Scouting which makes me proud since I am an Eagle Scout and spent most of my youth involved with scouting.

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Tommy DeCarlo from Charlotte, NC Becomes The Lead Singer for Boston

Picked up this story from Chris Pirillo's blog. This is the kind of story guys like me grew up dreaming about. Of course, I would want to get a gig with Rush! Check out the full story at the link below. Make sure to listen to some of Tommy's recordings. He is also from Charlotte, NC. Pretty amazing!

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cPanel Update Improves VPS Memory Usage

cPanel just announced a number of changes in the new 11.23 version. The biggest change for my needs is the smaller memory footprint. They are claiming 60% less memory usage. This will really help me a ton as PHP/MySQL sites can eat up some ram. I also like to run as many sites as I can on one server to reduce my overhead costs.

Check out all the details here: http://blog.cpanel.net/?p=51

This update is a RELEASE version. It is not currently in the STABLE update tree.

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