iPhone App - IntelliScreen


http://twitter.com/mattparker tipped me off to this cool iPhone app yesterday. IntelliScreen allows you to view upcoming appointments, new emails, new SMS messages, the weather forecast, etc on the "slide to unlock" screen. It is very handy to have this information for quick checks without unlocking your iPhone and opening applications.

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Snipplr.com - Storing Your Code Snippets

I have just started using a great web site to save code snippets. www.snipplr.com allows you to save code to share with others and/or to save in a handy location so you can reuse it as needed. When you add a new snippet to Snipplr.com, you can add a title, language, tags, URL and comments, in addition to the source code. You can also choose to keep the code private. If you create a temporary snippet for showing a friend your code, the snippet will expire in 24 hours.

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Memorial Day


I hope everyone is enjoying a great Memorial Day weekend. In between all of the hot dogs, burgers, steaks, etc., please make sure to remember the soldiers past and present who protect our freedoms in the US.

To read more about the history of Memorial Day, check out this wikipedia.org article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_day