Mac OS X tip: Look up host IP addresses for hosts in /etc/hosts

OS X logo Most DNS tools (like dig and nslookup) perform IP lookups against DNS servers, ignoring /etc/hosts entries. Luckily, OS X provides the dscacheutil command to perfom a number of functions including checking local host entries. Below is an example that I used to verify the hostname/IP address combo that my system had registered in /etc/hosts.

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Type Less with Drush site-set

Drush logo I use drush aliases between Drupal VM and Drupal hosting services quite a bit. It was great to learn that drush site-set allows me to set the alias to use for the current session, so I don't have to type the alias name over and over again. For instance, I can set an alias like this: $ drush site-set, allowing me to check the status of the site on the Drupal VM with $ drush status.

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Learn Something New Everyday

Person with backpack walking in front of a yellow background Creative Commons image courtesy of Ryan Vaarsi on Flickr

Recently, I realized that I learn a lot of new things for my vocation and general life experience, but I don't recognize and appreciate those learning moments. I noticed that days would pass and I couldn't remember what I learned. I am sure we all learn things every day, but much of those experiences are passive learning. While passive learning is a natural part of living, I want to have some planned and active learning in my life. Also, I want my study and learning to be multi-discipled.

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