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I am amazed at the level of quality email newsletters that have hit the tech world in recent years. While, I spend a great deal of time filtering and pruning the emails I choose to receive, I have a few weekly tech newsletters, which I find valuable.

I thought it would be great to share the newsletters I have found interesting. Feel free to leave links to your favorite tech newsletters in the comments section.

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I would like to introduce a new blog project, The blog was setup to allow a few friends to easily share tips they found while working on setting up a shell-based IDE (integrated development environment). Using VIM, tmux, and a number of other command line tools, very powerful and fast development can be accomplished.

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Checking Out Pull Requests with Stash and Github

The day Jeremy Edgell, a co-worker at Classic, mentioned it was possible to checkout pull requests, I knew that this trick would greatly increase my code review efficiency. Jeremy's solution involved adding an additional reference to the pull request location in an individual git repo's .git/config file. You can see a similar example to Jeremy's Stash solution in this gist.

Checking%20out%20a%20Github%20pull%20request Checking out a Github pull request (Note: The git alias, gpr-origin, indicates the remote to reference. I have one setup for origin and upstream.)

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