Meteor Wallpaper

I made some wallpaper images for my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro a while back. Thought I would share them. :) These will be considered "vintage" once the Meteor Development Group launches the new website at For now, enjoy having a reminder of the web app framework you love on all of your devices!

These are based on the wallpaper image background from the current website.

I am sure these images will work just fine on other devices.

[flickr-photoset:id= 72157646984621536, size=s]

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Drupal Camp Asheville 2014

I had a great time at this year's Drupal Camp Asheville. This year's camp was held at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Resort on Saturday, August 23rd. Amenities included coffee, breakfast foods, a ping-pong table, and a great lunch (surprisingly good for a conferenc center). Thanks to Matthew Connerton, the Asheville Drupal User Group, and all of the sponsors, presenters, and attendees for making this a great camp!

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Spectacle Digital Signage Publishing System Sprint

Spectacle is an open source digital signage publishing system for displaying content on any screen. The content is administered by Drupal and displayed using Meteor.

Classic Graphics, SUAR IT at UNC Charlotte, CharDUG, and Meteor Charlotte are sponsoring a Spectacle sprint on July 25th form 9am-4pm ET at Classic Graphics.

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Start Meteor APM on Specific Instances of a Meteor Application

I have been enjoying Arunoda Susiripala's fantastic Meteor APM for monitoring performance of Meteor applications. It is very handy for finding issues in your applications and infrastructure.

While I run the Meteor apps locally for devleopment, I find it nice to have APM initialize on just my test servers so I know the source of data APM is anaylizing and displaying. It dawned on me that it would be pretty simple to limit the instace where APM initializes. To do this, I wrapped Apm.connect in a conditional statement which checks the root URL of the application. Next, I make sure to set the ROOT_URL environment variable before launching Meteor to run the application.

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