Fixed: Problems with Macs and iOS Devices Seeing Network Printers and AirPlay Devices

Apple wifi radio waves I recently purchased a new Apple TimeCapsule. I am a huge fan of Apple routers and how they work great with Apple and other network devices. The new device has been working well, but I did notice that my iPhone and iPad would not see all AirPlay devices at times. The only resolution was to turn Wifi off and back on again. This would be a temporary fix. Others in my family confirmed the same issue. :(

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My Thoughts on the iPad

I think the iPad is a luxury. May be a luxary that I desire, but I am more interested in upgrading our iPhones this year before purchasing one. Since I can only afford so much at one time, I may be able to hold out for v2.

If I were to purchase an iPad, I would probably go with wifi only. I have an iPhone and most places I would use this i would have wifi.

Possible use cases for me:

  1. With keyboard, good note taking device for meetings, conferences, etc. Think netbook type device. I do all of my notes electronic and with Evernote so I think it fits well for this use.

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