Saving and Updating Nodes with the $node->language Property

Well, you can certainly learn something new about Drupal everyday. I spent a good bit of time trying to figure out why I couldn't perform a simple field value update to a few nodes in an application. So, node_save() was running without error, and nothing I attempted to update in the node object or related fields would save.

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Setting up Memcached on a Mac for Local Drupal Development

When developing Drupal applications on my Mac, I like having access to the same tools I use on servers. This allows me to test for possible conflicts and issues, while evaluating performance impact. I recently decided to look at getting Memcached going on my Mac since we use it on servers at Classic Graphics. Memcached is a memory-based caching system for speeding up web applications by storing chunks of data. Drupal and PHP can leverage Memcached to assist with performance.

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