Mac OS X tip: Look up host IP addresses for hosts in /etc/hosts

OS X logo Most DNS tools (like dig and nslookup) perform IP lookups against DNS servers, ignoring /etc/hosts entries. Luckily, OS X provides the dscacheutil command to perfom a number of functions including checking local host entries. Below is an example that I used to verify the hostname/IP address combo that my system had registered in /etc/hosts.

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Use Drush Autocomplete with Zsh

Update: I had the filename as, but the filename should now be Brent noticed this. The info below as been updated as such.

Brent Dunn pointed me to, which I didn't even know existed. Brent and I both wanted to give this a go in Zsh since we use oh-my-zsh, but is setup for bash.

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Keep Postfix Running Between Startups (OS X)

In follow up to a previous blog post, "Setup postfix to relay local mail in OS X Mountain Lion", I used this stack exchange post to keep postfix running between launches.

For some reason, I never had an issue with postfix working between startups in Mountain Lion, but have ever since I upgraded to Mavericks.

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