Setup Local Apache/MySQL/PHP Dev Environment in OS X Leopard


I have used MAMP for a long time, but I recently decided to build a development environment on my MacBook Pro to mirror my test and production servers. MAMP uses Apache 2.0 and I really wanted to run Apache 2.2. I also needed custom PHP for use with Oracle databases. I just want

ed to share the documentation to setup my development environment. Feel free to comment and let me know if you have any improvements.

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How To Set Up an FTP Server in Windows Server 2003


I needed to install just the FTP service on Windows 2003 Server for one simple use case. The article below details how to accomplish this without installing full blown IIS (which I didn't need and do not want to run on this server).

[From How To Set Up an FTP Server in Windows Server 2003]

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cPanel Update Improves VPS Memory Usage

cPanel just announced a number of changes in the new 11.23 version. The biggest change for my needs is the smaller memory footprint. They are claiming 60% less memory usage. This will really help me a ton as PHP/MySQL sites can eat up some ram. I also like to run as many sites as I can on one server to reduce my overhead costs.

Check out all the details here:

This update is a RELEASE version. It is not currently in the STABLE update tree.

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