Neil Peart drumstick

Cool story.. I meet a guy and his son at church recently who both know the band Rush personally. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge Rush fan.

Neil Peart sent a set of sticks to these guys and guess what? They were kind of enough to give me one of them. I have attached a couple of photos below. This is a Pro-Mark signature Neal Peart stick that Neal actually played with live during last year's tour in CT.

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The Drupal Song Ringtone

So I was a bit bored with my iPhone ringtones. I Decided to create a ringtone from Jeff Robbins' "The Drupal Song." You can download the ringtone I created below. Once downloaded, double click the file and it will be added to your iTunes library under the ringtones category.

I completed all of the meta data I could, including a reference to the original song blog post


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BeatMaker for iPhone

I BeatMaker app iconam just loving BeatMaker. BeatMaker is a music application for the iPhone that is similar to other loop creations applications like Reason. It is available at in the iTunes App Store. You can read more about it here:

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Rocky River Band Plays at UNC Charlotte

I had a great time yesterday playing drums with the Rocky River Community Church Band at UNC Charlotte. We played the Staff Picnic for the second year in a row. We were not rained out this year, but the 97 degree heat beat us down pretty bad. We still had a great time and received a warm response from many of the picnic goers. Thanks to my band mates for volunteering to help out by playing at the event.

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Tommy DeCarlo from Charlotte, NC Becomes The Lead Singer for Boston

Picked up this story from Chris Pirillo's blog. This is the kind of story guys like me grew up dreaming about. Of course, I would want to get a gig with Rush! Check out the full story at the link below. Make sure to listen to some of Tommy's recordings. He is also from Charlotte, NC. Pretty amazing!

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