10 of my Favorite iOS and Mac Development Podcsts

“Podcast” by Nick Youngson- is licensed under CC BY 3.0 “Podcast” by Nick Youngson is licensed under CC BY 3.0

While I don’t develop iOS or Mac apps full-time, I do enjoy dabbling in iOS, Mac, and Swift development. In a personal goal to learn the iOS SDK and Swift development, I have spent time finding the best resources that help me keep up with related news, tips, and the business of application development.

I find podcasts to be a great way for me to absorb and comprehend content. They are also very convenient when commuting or folding laundry. I thought it would be helpful to share 10 of the podcasts I am enjoying the most in my Mac/iOS Development Overcast playlist.

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Issue with ssh-agent not loading passphrases during boot in MacOS Sierra 10.12

After a recent update of MacOS Sierra (10.12), I noticed that my ssh private key passphrases were no longer loading from Keychain on the initial boot or restart of my MacBook Pro. The first time this happened, I thought I just needed to enter it once and that it would be okay after that. That theory proved to be incorrect.

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Compare Selected Items in Kaleidoscope (Alfred 2 workflow)

I really enjoyed this Alfred extension for Alfred 1.x. The extension compares files/folders selected with Alfred in the beautiful Kaleidoscope app. I missed this functionality in Alfred 2 and decided to setup the same file action as an Alfred workflow. If you are interested in it, download and install the workflow below.

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Fix Finder "Open With" Duplicate Apps (Bonus: Alfred workflow)

I was recently complaining the my Finder's "Open With" menu often has duplicate apps listed. Scott Deeter found this article which provides a fix that works quite well.

I turned the fix into an Alfred 2 workflow. Just download and install the workflow. The activate it, call up Alfred and type "fixow".

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