Issue with ssh-agent not loading passphrases during boot in MacOS Sierra 10.12

After a recent update of MacOS Sierra (10.12), I noticed that my ssh private key passphrases were no longer loading from Keychain on the initial boot or restart of my MacBook Pro. The first time this happened, I thought I just needed to enter it once and that it would be okay after that. That theory proved to be incorrect.

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Compare Selected Items in Kaleidoscope (Alfred 2 workflow)

I really enjoyed this Alfred extension for Alfred 1.x. The extension compares files/folders selected with Alfred in the beautiful Kaleidoscope app. I missed this functionality in Alfred 2 and decided to setup the same file action as an Alfred workflow. If you are interested in it, download and install the workflow below.

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Fix Finder "Open With" Duplicate Apps (Bonus: Alfred workflow)

I was recently complaining the my Finder's "Open With" menu often has duplicate apps listed. Scott Deeter found this article which provides a fix that works quite well.

I turned the fix into an Alfred 2 workflow. Just download and install the workflow. The activate it, call up Alfred and type "fixow".

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Setting a Path for Sublime Text 2 in OS X

I use a build system in Sublime Text 2, which performs check for Drupal Coding Standards using Drupal Code Sniffer. One thing that has frequently bugged me is that it appears that Sublime Text 2 doesn’t have the same path enviroment variable that I have set for my shell sessions. This build system will give errors that it cannot find a file. Sublime provides the path it is using and it in no way matches my path setup in .zshrc.

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