Fix Finder "Open With" Duplicate Apps (Bonus: Alfred workflow)

I was recently complaining the my Finder's "Open With" menu often has duplicate apps listed. Scott Deeter found this article which provides a fix that works quite well.

I turned the fix into an Alfred 2 workflow. Just download and install the workflow. The activate it, call up Alfred and type "fixow".

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Setting a Path for Sublime Text 2 in OS X

I use a build system in Sublime Text 2, which performs check for Drupal Coding Standards using Drupal Code Sniffer. One thing that has frequently bugged me is that it appears that Sublime Text 2 doesn’t have the same path enviroment variable that I have set for my shell sessions. This build system will give errors that it cannot find a file. Sublime provides the path it is using and it in no way matches my path setup in .zshrc.

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Setting up Memcached on a Mac for Local Drupal Development

When developing Drupal applications on my Mac, I like having access to the same tools I use on servers. This allows me to test for possible conflicts and issues, while evaluating performance impact. I recently decided to look at getting Memcached going on my Mac since we use it on servers at Classic Graphics. Memcached is a memory-based caching system for speeding up web applications by storing chunks of data. Drupal and PHP can leverage Memcached to assist with performance.

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Setup postfix to relay local mail in OS X Mountain Lion

I generally get by without needing to send email from any of my local development web applications. Of course, that was until today. I have an issue to dubug in the Guardr Drupal distribution and am getting some sendmail errors when running drush qd.

A bit of research resulted in getting postfix up and running as a sendmail service in OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2). Here are the steps which worked for me:

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MAMP Begone! An alternative Apache, MariaDB and PHP stack for Mac OS X

Update: The docs below are deprecated. Please refer to these docs going forward. Also, MAMPbegone is now brewStack! Thanks to @tlattimore for providing the cool name!

I have had an on and off relationship with MAMP over the years. I love how MAMP makes it super easy to install a nice stack of web server tools in an OS X Application, but it does have its share of limitations.

  • Running older version of PHP. Sometimes I would like to run a slightly newer version than is available.
  • Running Apache 2.0. No Apache 2.2 love in MAMP yet.
  • There isn't an easy way to add new PHP extensions. I recently needed XMLRPC and had to track down a binary from the Moodle community. Another example is intl. I needed that for some recent Symfony work.
  • Pear doesn't always work out of the box without some fixes.
  • While it is open source, if I have to compile much to fix MAMP, I might as well compile PHP from CLI from source as I did for years prior to using MAMP.

I do appreciate MAMP! It is great and I still recommend it for anyone who can live within its feature set and limitations. I often recommend it for new Drupal users. MAMP allows them to get started very quickly.

As I mentioned above, I have also spent a bit of my development life compiling Apache and/or PHP from source to build local development environments. This is something that I don't want to do again. So what do I want? I want to have a local development evironment with the following characteristics:

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Easy to extend (Adding new PHP extensions or upgrading PHP)
  • php-cgi for use with Drush qd
  • Secure
  • Easy setup for virtual hosts and changes to the /etc/hosts file. I can, but don't need to spend the time configuring this by hand all the time!
  • Lastly, this needs to support my Drupal and Symfony development needs! I have included some additional bits I use, such as drush and Composer.

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