Charlotte Drupal Drive-in Wrap-up

Charlotte Drupal Drive-in logo Last Saturday (February 22nd, 2014), thirty-one Drupalers joined together at Classic Graphics for the Charlotte Drupal Drive-in. The day was full of presentations, BOFs, and general chatting about Drupal and related web technologies.

The day-long, un-conference-style event was the brainchild of Thomas Lattimore. After CharDUG wasn't able to pull together the human resources to repeat the success of DrupalCamp Charlotte 2012, Thomas mentioned that he had an idea. Since he knew organizers had limited time to commit to planning, he wanted to host an un-conference-style event, allowing for simpler planning than a full-blown Drupal camp. You can learn more about his concept on the DruaplEasy Podcast.

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CharDUG’s “Learn to Build a Website with Drupal” was a success!

The first CharDUG “Learn to Build a Website with Drupal” class was held last Saturday at Classic Graphics. The class led students through completely building a Drupal website with the following components:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact form
  • Blog
  • Survey form

Each student built was able to take their class website project with them for review and study after the class.

I believe the class was a a success for three reasons:

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