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Configure Drupal's User Password Reset Link Timeout

I just realized that as of Drupal 7.15, you can shorten or increase the timeout (in seconds) for the user password reset link that is emailed to users who request a password reset.

While this isn't configurable in the Drupal UI, you can set it via drush quite easily. The drush operation below will set the timeout to 48 hours instead of the default 24 hours.

$ drush vset user_password_reset_timeout 172800

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"Module Development 101 (Drupal)" Presentation

I had a great time teaching new and experienced Drupal developers about Drupal module development at a recent Charlotte Drupal User Group workshop. We worked together through the example Callsign Lookup module. I hope to add a Theming 101 and Site Building 101 to the mix in the future. Also, look for upcoming Drupal 8 versions of this class coming soon.

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"Managing Drupal Presentations Like a Boss" Slide Deck

Thomas Lattimore and Mark Shropshire talk through various methods of managing Drupal configuration data with Features, hook_update_N, and git. They dig into deploying these configurations between dev, testing, staging, and live environments. Finally, they discuss the CMI (Configuration Management Initiative) for Drupal 8 and how these changes will allow you to be the Drupal boss you have always wanted to be!

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