Start Meteor APM on Specific Instances of a Meteor Application

I have been enjoying Arunoda Susiripala's fantastic Meteor APM for monitoring performance of Meteor applications. It is very handy for finding issues in your applications and infrastructure.

While I run the Meteor apps locally for devleopment, I find it nice to have APM initialize on just my test servers so I know the source of data APM is anaylizing and displaying. It dawned on me that it would be pretty simple to limit the instace where APM initializes. To do this, I wrapped Apm.connect in a conditional statement which checks the root URL of the application. Next, I make sure to set the ROOT_URL environment variable before launching Meteor to run the application.

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Integrating Drupal and Meteor.js Presentation

I had a great time presenting "Integrating Drupal and Meteor.js" at the Charlotte Drupal Drive-in. This talk is a work in progress and will hopefully be accepted at Drupalcon Austin 2014.

Check out the slide deck below. I have also attached a PDF version so links in the presentation can be followed.

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Keynote Theme for Meteor.js Presentations

Keynote App Icon

I have been working on a few Meteor presentations as a part of the Meteor community in Charlotte. I wanted my presentations to have a Meteor feel, so I used the look and feel of to setup a theme for Keynote. Thanks to's very cool background, curved cornered white rectangles, and liberal use of Helvetica Neue, I think it works out quite well.

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