Continuous Goal Task Planning

I don’t put a lot of value in New Year’s resolutions. I think they mostly fail in a short amount of time for a variety of reasons. Also, this TED Talk by Derek Sivers has stuck in my mind as a reason to set goals and not tell others about them. It is easy to get excited about our personal goals and share them. I suggest thinking about why you are sharing your goals and share when you feel like it may help you obtain them.

My life strategy is to treat each day as a gift of a new beginning. Every day I have a chance to make improvements in my health, treat others better, learn something new, and much more. It is so much less pressure to spread out my personal continuous improvement equally throughout the year.

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Being Transparent Even When It Hurts

Rain drops on a leaf A recent project I have worked on has been very challenging. It has a number of moving parts, many team members, and several stakeholders. Even though I did the best I could to put together a solid plan, it wasn’t exactly what everyone involved expected. Luckily this was discovered near the beginning of the project and the work completed to date had to be done regardless of any changes to come, allowing the ability to change focus. While I am happy to have the chance to work through the issues and get the project headed in the right direction, it is still hard to not feel poorly about how I arrived at this point.

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Presentation: Creating Trusted Systems to Get Things Done

Below is my slide deck for a topic I presented at a recent Mediacurrent knowledgeshare. There is no need to create stress and increase your anxiety levels because you don't have systems that help you manage your projects and tasks. This talk introduced the David Allen GTD methodology, but also discussed ways to take those same prinicples and apply them with all aspects of life.

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Learn Something New Everyday

Person with backpack walking in front of a yellow background Creative Commons image courtesy of Ryan Vaarsi on Flickr

Recently, I realized that I learn a lot of new things for my vocation and general life experience, but I don't recognize and appreciate those learning moments. I noticed that days would pass and I couldn't remember what I learned. I am sure we all learn things every day, but much of those experiences are passive learning. While passive learning is a natural part of living, I want to have some planned and active learning in my life. Also, I want my study and learning to be multi-discipled.

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Creating Focus for Productivity

I want to share some things that I try to do daily to help me focus and remain productive. By themselves, these may seem like trite tips because the are not what's important. What's most important has to do with my immediate and long term goals. Using these suggestions help me create an environment of focus, which helps increase my productivity.

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